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The mission of Arcus-PT is to provide you with the highest quality of care, and work with you as a team to solve your problem.


Ellen: "I like to administer my undivided attention to your individual needs and tailor your treatments and home exercise program to your specific situation. I feel very lucky to be in a profession that uses manual skills to facilitate healing and improve the function and quality of life. I have a continuous desire to increase my knowledge and understanding of the complex human body, as well as to improve my  own manual skills to help you. I have an innovative, hands- on and holistic approach. I like not only to decrease your discomfort, and improve your overall function, but also like to get to the source of the problem. I will explain the treatment strategy, and involve you as much as possible in your own care and recovery."

Much of the success comes from the clients themselves who are motivated to do the exercise programs at home or use the gym and follow the recommendations given. This way the treatment sessions can focus on those areas that cannot be done on your own and as such progress will be faster.

We like to keep things simple and have fun along the way.