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By clicking on "booknow", you will enter a scheduling website called "Genbook".Under "select a service to schedule an appointment" you will see "Physical Therapy appointment" click on that and follow the steps provided. You can evaluate the openings in our schedule and make an appointment. If you have a problem, you can call us.

Do not forget to complete the forms (click here) for your first visit.

........................Thank you for scheduling with ARCUS-PT............................

What to expect on your first visit

  1. During your initial visit we will spend time to take a medical history and review the information you filled out on the intake forms. We will evaluate you for range of motion of your joints and spine, test for strength and overall function. We will palpate (touch and feel) your area of complaints and complete special (movement and balance) tests to assess the reason for your pain and discomfort as well as impaired function. We will then make a plan on how to proceed with treatment interventions and discuss how we can work together to reach your goals.
  1. Treatment will be explained to you on the first visit and often will include advice for you and some home exercises to start with.
  1. Please be prepared to expose the area to be treated. Bring or wear comfortable, loose clothing, shorts (preferably with an elastic waist band) for an injury below the waist or your low back. Women are advised to bring or wear a tank top, halter-top, swim suit top or sports-bra when the area of complaint involves neck, shoulder or upper back. If you are seen for a running injury, please bring your running shoes.
  1. Please bring your physician’s referral for physical therapy if you have received one.
  1. If you have copies of your X-Ray, MRI or surgery report, please bring those to your 1st visit.
  1. Bring your completed intake forms.
  1. Please be prepared to pay for your visit in full with cash or a check. I do not take credit cards and do not bill insurance.
  1. Parking is available at the back of the building. If this is full, there is plenty of parking at the El Cerrito Plaza close to the office. The building is equipped with an elevator for wheelchairs.
  1. All visits are one hour long, please plan accordingly.  (in case of tardiness, your visit time will be shortened accordingly and you will be charged the full hourly fee. )
  1. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your first visit, please don’t hesitate to contact me (click here).


I look forward to meeting you